Livewell Adapter

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The GOFR® Livewell Adapter allows you to turn everyday buckets, containers, and roto-molded coolers into a livewell to keep bait fresh and alive. Use with your own aerator and/or bilge pump.  Buckets, coolers, and containers are not included.

  • The Livewell Adaptor comes with everything you need to create the perfect live bait experience: the bell housing adapts to roto-molded coolers using our patent-pending design that screws into a cooler's existing threads (easily screw-in and screw-out without drilling holes in the cooler). The Livewell Adapter fits most roto-molded coolers including YETI®, RTIC®, Engel®, and many other leading brands.
  • The Livewell Adaptor includes square and round gaskets to convert various-sized buckets and containers, plus a drill saw bit/template to easily help convert a bucket (drill not included).
Bellhousing, Core Assembly, Flat Gasket, Contoured Gasket, Bucket Adaptor, Check Valve, Bucket Adaptor, Screw Lock, Drain Tube, Caps for Water and Air Nipples, Hose Clamps, Drain Tube, Bucket Template, Hole Saw, Drain Elbow, Elbow Connector, Suction Cup, and Sand Paper.
  1. Compatible with our Ultimate Livewell Kit
  2. Convert most buckets and roto-molded coolers into a livewell to keep bait alive.
  3. Move air and water in and out of your bucket or roto-molded cooler.
  4. Works with most aerators.
  5. Adjustable drain tube for the ideal water height.
  6. Easily connect to most DIY bilge pump systems.
5 star

Randy Coren. - verified purchase from Amazon
Worth every penny!

Worth every penny! I received the livewell adapter kit and have been using it for the entire summer. I live on a lake in the Adirondacks, making this the perfect solution for fishing all day and keeping my bait alive. The template made it simple to drill a hole in the side of a big box store bucket. I love this product so much I bought one for my dad for his birthday.

I would highly recommend this product to anyone who loves fishing.

5 star

Rick M. - verified purchase from Amazon
Where has this been all these years?

A must have for the do it yourself fisherman. I can’t even imagine how many more of my shrimp, mullet and mud minnows would have survived (until their assigned trip into the deep;) if I had this over the years! What a cool piece of gear!