Ultimate Livewell Kit

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Everything You Need to Create a Bait Tank or Livewell

  1. First portable livewell system that circulates fresh air and water to keep bait alive.
  2. Water Pump with floating buoy and 16 feet of tubing to circulate fresh water.
  3. Air Pump to flow fresh air into your coolers and buckets.
  4. Pumps water 15 vertical feet to a dock or pier.
  5. Use for fishing on a Jon boat, dock, pier, jetty, kayak, shoreline, and more.
  6. Livewell Adapter included to convert most roto-molded coolers (without drilling holes) and 5-gallon buckets into a livewell.
  7. Multiple Power Sources - Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries – up to 6 hours on one charge (charger included) and 12v clips to connect to a car/boat battery.
  8. Water Pump provides up to 2 gallons per minute of water.
  9. Recirculation adapter included for transporting bait.


Any angler knows the easiest way to catch fish is with live bait. What is the best way to keep your bait alive? The consistent movement of air and water so fish stay alive. The GOFR® lithium-ion battery-powered Ultimate Livewell Kit allows anglers to turn most buckets, containers, and roto-molded coolers into a functioning livewell by controlling both air and water with our proprietary system.

The Ultimate Livewell Kit’s pumps up to 2 gallons of water from the ocean or lake to the dock, jetty, pier, shoreline, boat, or kayak. Anglers can lift the water up to 15 vertical feet. The Ultimate Livewell Kit’s air pump provides fresh air into coolers and buckets and allows anglers to manage bait while traveling (adding extra oxygen to the water) or anglers can choose to use air only for smaller bait choices.

The Ultimate Livewell Kit also includes the GOFR® Livewell Adapter, converting most roto-molded coolers, buckets, and containers into a livewell. The Livewell Adapter fits most roto-molded coolers including YETI®, RTIC®, Engel®, and many other leading brands.

Multiple Power Sources: Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries – providing up to 6 hours on one charge (charger included) as well as 12v alligator clips to connect to a car/boat battery.

Multiple Modes:  Fill (fills bucket), High (pumps water 1 minute out of every 3 minutes - 20 cycles per hour), Low (pumps water 1 minute out of every 4 minutes - 15 cycles per hour), and Recirculation Mode (use while transporting bait).

Recirculation Mode:  the Ultimate Livewell Kit comes with everything needed to recirculate and clean water while transporting bait for extended periods of time. The kit includes a recirculation adapter, a carbon filter, tubing, and valve.

Parts List

  • Livewell Adapter: Bellhousing, Core Assembly, Flat Gasket, Contoured Gasket, Bucket Adaptor, Check Valve, Bucket Adaptor, Screw Lock, Drain Tube, Caps for Water and Air Nipples, Hose Clamps, Drain Tube, Bucket Template, Hole Saw, Drain Elbow, Elbow Connector, Suction Cup, and Sand Paper
  • Pump Base Unit, Pump Float, Battery Cover, Water Pump Clip, Water Pump Cover, Recirculation Adapter, Recirculation Tubing and Valve, USB Battery Charger, Lithium-Ion Batteries (4 pcs), 16 Feet of Double Tubing (water and power), GOFR Connection System Rail Adapter, Air Pump, Air Pump Tubing, 12v Alligator Clips, Power Cable, and Carbon Filters.

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