Ultimate Livewell Kit

Any angler knows the easiest way to catch fish is with live bait.  What is the best way to keep your bait alive? Consistent movement of air and water so the fish stay happy while you catch away.  The GOFR Ultimate Livewell Kit allows you to turn most containers and coolers into a functioning livewell. How? By allowing you to control both air and water with our proprietary system.  For the ultimate fishing experience, use with the GOFR Bait Tank Adaptor or the Ultimate Bait Tank.

Product Features

Water Pump  

Powerful Water Pump with Floating Buoy and 16 Feet of Tubing 

Able to Raise Water 15 Vertical Feet to Your Dock or Boat  

Adjustable Drainage Tube Allowing User to Select the Water Height 

Multiple Modes to Conserve Battery Power 

Air Pump   

Pump Fresh Air into Coolers or Buckets 

Cooler Adapters 

Bait Tank Adapter Connects to Most Coolers with Patent Pending Design  

Allows Fresh Water to Circulate Continuously 

Includes a 5-Gallon Bucket Conversion Kit 

Power Supply – Multiple Power Source Options: 

Rechargeable Batteries – 4 Batteries Providing up to 6 Hours on One Charge (charger included) 

Alligator Clips – Connect to a Car Battery

USB Battery Charger