Livewell Adapter

Any angler knows the easiest way to catch fish is with live bait. And the best way to keep your bait alive? Consistent movement of air and water, so the fish stay happy while you catch away.  The GOFR Livewell Adaptor is the quick and easy solution for you to turn your hard cooler or bucket into a functioning bait tank/livewell. Use with our Ultimate Livewell Kit or your own air and water pumps to allow for movement of air and water in and out of your container so you can keep your bait healthy while fishing all day.

Product Features

  • Convert Most Buckets and Hard Coolers into a Bait Tank 
  • Easy and Safe Solution for Converting To a Livewell 
  • Move Air + Water In/Out 
  • Use with GOFR Water and Air Pump 
  • Works with Most Aerators 
  • Adjustable Drain Tube